The Suit Shop Co. Ltd.

The Suit Shop Co. Ltd.
For the past month and a half we have been doing a lot of work for a great new Windsor Start-Up Business The Suit Shop Co. Ltd.

First we did a number of materials for the trade shows The Wedding Odyssey and The Wedding Extravaganza Show




We also designed and coded a temporary one page site but we will be working on the full site in the near future.

The Suit Shop Website

We set up all of the social media and were able to get 1000+ likes on Facebook within 24 hours!

social media


A number of other designs for branding such as the amazing Collar Cards, where you can punch out the collar stays for you shirt.




And let’s not forget the Grand Opening that was a huge success!





2017-01-28 18.04.56

The Suit Shop Co. Ltd. is pleased to offer extensive fashion retail knowledge for the community while advising clients on clothing that’s just what they are looking for through a unique shopping experience. A service of providing them with tailored and well-fitting clothing, that not only looks good on them but makes them feel good wearing it.

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