What is a Graphic Designer?

What is a Graphic Designer

The age-old question when you meet someone new ask; “So, what do you do?”. A typical response would be that I’m a Graphic Designer, which generally leads to the follow-up question of what is a Graphic Designer. A few years ago I was in a taxi and received the question of what I did, which was followed by: “Oh so could I hire you to landscape my yard?”.

I believe in general that the masses do not have a clear understanding of what a Graphic Designer is, and more importantly, what a Graphic Designer can do for you or your business/organization/project etc. If someone asked my mother-in-law she would not have a clue, but she would probably say that I am quite busy all the time.

So what exactly does a Graphic Designer do? A Graphic Designers responsibility is to convey a message. We communicate this message through various media, such as print, electronic media, or just about anything, we can even use smoke signals.

The message could be anything that needs to be delivered, it could be instructions, bringing awareness of important information, establishing a brand, so on and so forth. We assemble art, photos, shapes, colours, typography, and more to create the delivery of the message. Our job as graphic designers is to problem solve how to convey the message in the best impactful way. We ensure that the message is delivered to inspire, educate, make you laugh, cry, influence, and more.

We make sure that everything you see is created in the best possible way for you to absorb the message. We design billboards, signs, faces of buildings, flags, cereal boxes, business cards, letter heads, websites, assembly instructions, interfaces, magazines, newspapers, logos, branding, books, labels, cards, tickets, just about everything man-made that delivers a message of some kind has been touched by a Graphic Designer.

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