#YQG 40 over 40 – Do you have a Windsor business that you started in your 40s?

yqg 40 over 40
You may have seen lately a lot of posts springing up about Forbes 30 over 30. That’s great, and I tip my hat off to them, but… what about the 40 over 40?

Starting a new business in your 40’s or older is a challenge. There is a great risk to meet your cost of living and for many also support a family. It takes courage to shift into that 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th career.

It’s a decision that generally cannot be made on your own, you have to have a strong support of your family to believe in you and your vision.

There really is not a lot of financial programs out there that are aimed to help someone over 40 start a business. You don’t have the support from the government to help you get established.

What you do have is wisdom and experience. You’ve been around the block more than a few times and you have seen what works and what doesn’t. For many you are an industry expert in your business sector.

Starting out, and if you are like me you had nothing but your skills and determination. There was no trust fund or finances that was given to you. You earned every single dollar from your own hard work.

I have tremendous pride and admiration when I hear of someone that established a business in their 40s.

Windsor, if you started a business in your 40s I want to know about it.

List your business in the comments and tell us what it is that you do. Put your website, and or social media links.

Lets spread the word and let everyone know about your passionate accomplishment.

#yqg over 40, I salute you!

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